challenging giants

Wondering how your brand can ever compete with giants in your industry? Our latest research will show you how... 

Reboot has run large-scale SEO analysis across 24,681 ecommerce websites to identify the biggest growth levers being used by some of the biggest online shops in the UK—providing us with new insights that will help you challenge the giants.

Who is this for? 

  • Ecommerce brands who want to understand the opportunities available to them 
  • Brands who want to grow and expand 
  • Brands who want to rank higher 
  • Brands that want more organic traffic and sales

Ultimately, this whitepaper has been created for challengers aiming to compete with elite sites for rankings and traffic. 

What you'll learn

  • How technical SEO impacts your brand 
  • Why on-site SEO plays a key role in priming your website for maximum visibility 
  • Why off-page SEO is considered one of the most influential ranking factors 
  • What the biggest brands are doing in terms of SEO
  •  The most important elements of SEO for ecommerce brands
Challenging Giants Book

Key Takeaways 

  • What the biggest ecommerce brands are doing to stay on top 
  • What SEO factors most mid-tier ecommerce brands are failing to address 
  • Where your brand needs to focus its efforts


Atomic Insights Webinar Series 

Webinar 1: Powering your 2024 onsite SEO strategy:

Insights from a Study of 24,681 ecommerce domains  

A workshop for ambitious ecommerce brands looking to learn what technical and on-site SEO strategies and approaches the top ecommerce players are using to grow their online sales.

Oliver Sissons and Emily Barrington will look at the key technical and on-site SEO trends and opportunities that our analysis identified, and how small to medium-sized ecommerce brands can use them to their own advantage.

Webinar 2: How to drive SEO growth through advanced digital PR-led link building

We will look at the key off-site strategies that our analysis identified, and the most successful link-building campaigns in the ecommerce space.

Key points discussed:
🚀 Which link-building strategies the biggest ecommerce brands are using to grow their domain authority and increase SEO visibility

🚀 How brands are building links even in “boring” industries 

🚀 Authority vs relevancy - which one matters the most and how to think about the metrics surrounding each of them